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CPA, CFO, Accountant - Alternative Career Path

It takes about 18 months to find a job that on average lasts 18 months. Accounting is no longer the secure profession it once was.

We are looking for accounting professionals in transition to work with us in BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, NOT ACCOUNTING. NO CANVASSING, NO COLD CALLING - REFERRAL BASED ONLY.

Your primary role would be to establish ongoing relationships with Channel Partners and talk to CFO’s and CEO’s. Take a look at the Channel Partner section on our website

Here we are “At A Glance”

Nobody communicates better with CFO’s and CEO’s than accounting professionals. They don’t come across as sales people as they are trained to be trusted advisers. That’s why we want you to join us.

We believe business owners would rather spend time building business and servicing customers - not running internal departments that serve their operations. OpenPro BOSS leads the small and middle market race to the Servicing Cloud, combining license-free ERP software with skilled, professional personnel that streamlines back-office operations in one easy-to-use, secure platform. OpenPro BOSS runs and manages your accounting, bookkeeping and customer service functions. We provide free use of ERP software, secure cloud storage, greater operational control, and a “flex” workforce that costs less than traditional operations.

Our model results in the prevention of US business from moving offshore, a high re-employment rate of displaced workers, and the release of working capital into US businesses - thereby employing middle income workers. Socially just and politically correct regardless of party persuasion. We simultaneously stand for American workers, jobs, and the growth of the US economy.

We do NOT sell software. We bundle the technology costs as part of the comprehensive overall service. We do the same work for 30%-50% less. No upfront money or fees – only a permanently reduced lower labor cost with incredible software included for no extra charge. Huge savings for any business with more than 3-5 people in the accounting department, with no upward limit on company size.

We are part of a well established company expanding rapidly into this sector that is clearly the wave of the future. The parent company is an IBM Business Partner. There are 600+ clients throughout the enterprise and we have been serving businesses since 1998.

Opportunities abound for advancement and high earnings. Earn money fast. Income grows every month.

We provide lots of training, support, and useful tools to grow the channels. Support and training, while extensive, gets you up and running and prospecting for business within 48 hours from joining us.

Full or part time.

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