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The future is now for Business Outsourcing and the Service Cloud!

It began years ago when payroll departments were replaced by ADP. Now financial & accounting departments are being replaced by OpenPro Back Office Service Solutions (“BOSS”). Similar concept.

This is NOT a technology sale. Goal is to sell business services to small and middle market businesses in all industries. We do not sell software, only service.

OpenPro Back Office Service Solutions (“BOSS”) is the business services and off-site permanent staffing division of OpenPro, Inc. We are a unique company providing Staffing as a Service (“STaaS”) - in the Service Cloud. Emphasis is on the REPLACEMENT of staff of Financial & Accounting departments of businesses with our permanent staff located in one of our off-site service centers around the world. Accounting and bookkeeping departments can be off-site and function very effectively. Market resistance is entirely psychological and rapidly changing.

Again, we do NOT sell software. Use of our software and all the data backup is free. We only charge for staff labor at a huge discount and overhead savings to businesses. Our unique bundled pricing model cuts fixed staff costs by 30%-50% overnight for industries. No upfront money or fees – only a permantly reduced lower labor cost with incredible software included for no extra charge. Huge savings for any business with more than 3-5 people in the accounting department, with no upward limit on company size.

We are part of a well established company expanding rapidly into this sector that is clearly the wave of the future. The parent company is an IBM Business Partner. There are 600+ clients throughout the enterprise and in business since 1998.

We help businesses by saving money, shifting the capital from the obsolete workers to new hires in middle management, and therefore promote growth. Great for the US economy. We then help displaced workers with training and re-positioning. Everyone wins!

Opportunities abound for advancement and high earnings. Earn money fast. Income grows every month.

Technology experience NOT required.

Your primary role would be to establish ongoing relationships with Channel Partners. Take a look at the Channel Partner section on our website

We provide lots of training, support, and useful tools to grow the channels. Support and training, while extensive, gets you up and running and prospecting for business within 48 hours from joining us.

This can be full or part time.

YOU MUST visit our website at Read about us first so that you know what you are applying for. It makes a difference.

You can also visit the parent company website at

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